If you didn’t get the gift for Christmas!!!!! Valentines day is next…..

As busy people we need to get ourselves organised for the next huge event….Christmas!! We don’t want to go there but we have to Christmas is coming, lets make sure we’re prepared.

Christmas is widely know as one of the most stressful times of the year so here at Jasmine Stuart we’re bringing to you the stuff you need to get organised now and create your perfect stress free christmas.

The Busy B Christmas Planner is just what you need to start organising Christmas.

christmas planner cover


The festive design immediately puts you in the mood for dark nights, mulled wine and family time. This planner is for 5 years so you get incredible value for money and a product that lasts!

xmas planner showing card listInside features a Christmas card list with ample room for names and addresses with handy tick boxes to show if you’ve sent the for the next 5 years, it also means you can cross people off when they don’t give you a big enough present last Christmas!

Xmas planner gift listHow many times have we been out or seen something that’s a great gift for someone special, written it down and lost the piece of paper?  MANY!!! The section for gift ideas is great and shows the idea, and the person it’s great for. The best thing about this product is everything is all in one place, if you write it in, it can’t get lost…unless you move and lose it. xmas planner with pocket for cardsThe notes are perfect for all those little things you forget at Christmas time like if you need extra chairs, a highchair or new games you would like to try out. Because it lasts 5 years, you can always build on previous years and plan the perfect Christmas every year.

xmas planner with pocket for cardsHidden right at the back is a handy card holder, this can be used for anything that you need to keep like invites to parties, cut outs from magazines and any special information you need to keep only for Christmas time. Not shown in the photos but also in this super cool planner is the section for recipes and meal plans. This is by far our favourite Christmas planner, it covers literally everything busy people need to organise an otherwise hectic time, leaving you able to relax and enjoy your special time with your friends and family.

If you love Busy B as much as we do, click here for our full range of products.

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